Build Your Custom Home

Where do you want to live?

Location is the most important aspect of new home buying. Before you purchase a home, I recommended you read more and search a lot and be sure to familiarize yourself with the neighborhood. How far will you have to travel to get to shopping and transportation? Will your new home be in a good school district? Will there be entertainment and recreational facilities nearby? It’s important to take all of these factors into account when deciding where to buy.

Select your Lot

To create the home of your dreams you need to start with the land.  We realize that your homesite is the starting point of the process.  Whether you are looking at one of our exclusive property homesites or a homesite within a community, we want to make sure that you select the homesite that will fit your needs.  You will have the opportunity to walk homesites with a member of the Ruggiero team to discuss your needs and the benefits that different homesites offer.

Design your Home

You will need to provide us with a starting point, even if it’s just a sketch on a napkin. We will then take your ideas and guide you through a comprehensive selection of designs to find one to best fit your lifestyle. Your home plan will then be drafted out and customized for a fee to meet your specific needs with professionals like Construction – braga buildings. There is not always one perfect plan for every buyer that is why we take the time to listen to your needs and wants than try to find you a design that best fits your specific family.

Secure the home with a contract and check

The next step involves signing an agreement and securing your financing with the lender. We will walk you through the agreement to ensure that you understand it. We will also present you with the HBA. Home Warranty Packet which explains the full home warranty process and maintenance tips. When you need locksmith, you’re placing your safety and security in the hands of the professional. For more than 10 years, the certified expert locksmiths in aventura can assure that everyone is satisfied with their service!

Make your personal selections

This is when you will have leg work to visit different showrooms and vendors, the selection process can be a little overwhelming so if needed we can recommend a few interior designers that could help with the selection process. We want your home to be as distinct and individual as you are. Your selections must be made within a specified time period so there is no delay in construction.

Watch your Home become a reality

Once your selections are finalized and changes to your plan have been completed, the construction process begins.  Minor problems and adjustments are handled routinely during the many stages of construction. Excavation services may also be required, depending on the specifics of your project. It’s important to work with trusted and experienced contractors who can provide the reference and ensure that your construction process runs as smoothly as possible. When the building of your home is complete, it will have passed multiple city and banking inspections before it is presented to you.

Move in

Welcome Home!!!

Follow up

Every home will settle, and with this you will have cracks, nail pops and doors sticking; this is inevitable.  We at Ruggiero Custom Homes pride ourselves on our customer service and at your ten month anniversary; we request that you provide us with a list of the touch ups and repairs needed.  We will work with you to ensure your list is completed in a timely manner.