Pick The Right Builder

Choosing the right builder should not be a decision you make without doing your homework. Selecting the right builder in
the right development will be a crucial starting point for building your dream home.

Before you start your search:

Decide what type of home you want, what community your want to live in and what price range you can afford. (Completing the new home guide is a good way to do your homework and provide the builder with your wish list)

Identify builders in your area

1. Referrals from family and friends is always the first place to start.
2. Real estate section of your local paper. Using your selection criteria you will be able to identify builders that are active in the community where you want to live and you will get some idea about the price range.
3. Use the internet as a resource. Most communities have a local home builders association as a good starting point. For example, you may visit https://www.capitaldeckandstair.com/our-services/pool-decks/ to contact pool deck installation contractors.

4. After you develop a short list of builders that fit your criteria, visit their model homes and recent developments to view workmanship and see what is available. Stop and ask questions with the homeowners about their experience with the builder.

Narrowing the list

1. After you have done your research and have identified 3-4 builders contact them and make an appointment to meet with them.
2. Be prepared for your meeting
a. Have your new home builder check list completed
b. Bring with you a list of questions to ask your builder (see QAB )
c. Ask for a list of references (and call) remember that not many people will give you a bad reference.
d. Ask for a list of other homes that they have built recently – and call them yourself. Making the selection You have completed your research and your interviews.

Ask yourself the following questions about each of the builders:

1. Were you comfortable with them?
2. Did they listen to what you want in your new home? And are they willing to make changes to meet your needs? If the builder has a set list of selections it could end up being very costly for upgrades. If the builder doesn’t offer what you want without upgrades you may be better off selecting a custom builder. (See definition of custom builder).
3. Did they encourage you to visit the job site?
4. Is the builder involved in the construction or does he just sell you the home and move on? Identify your “go to” person during the construction phase of your home and ask to be introduced before you make any commitments. Don’t be blindsided by the “bait and switch” act.
5. How cooperative was the builder with references and follow up.
6. How many homes does the builder have under construction at one time, a production builder can have many homes under construction, while a custom home builder may only have one or two at a time so they are able to give you the attention that you need.